Stream Hulu in the UK

For residents of The UK or for American who are going to be in The UK temporarily, there’s now a guaranteed way to get access to you Hulu account. One of the frustrating things about Hulu is that their great service is only available in The USA. This is because of distribution right and contract they’ve got to worry about. However, normal people like us don’t need to worry about that and there’s a very useful (and legal) way to stream Hulu in The UK. It’s called a virtual private network.

If this is not your first time trying to find out how to stream Hulu in The UK, then you’ve probably heard of VPN’s before. Don’t worry, I’ve got some interesting information you might have never heard of so you won’t completely waste your time by reading this article. If you’ve never heard of a VPN, I’ll give you the low-down so you can catch up with those guys who know what it is.

A VPN is a way to hide your IP address. People usually use a VPN to stay anonymous on the Internet. Why would someone want to do that? It’s usually because they’re doing something weird like looking up strange pornography or doing stuff they don’t want their ISP or others to know about. However, it’s a very legitimate service that many normal people use as well. A VPN is not just for entertainment – it is a very secure, very serious and very un-crackable way to surf the Internet. If you frequently travel or do online banking or money transactions, using public Internet zones can put you at risk for identity theft or worse – getting your cash stolen. Using the encryption and tunneling provided by a VPN you can keep your data safe.

After everything is said and done, because your information is re-routed through a VPN server, your actual IP address becomes invisible and you get a temporary, virtual IP address. It is this part of the VPN process that helps us to stream Hulu in The UK.

If the VPN server is in America, you get an American IP address. This is how by using a legitimate, anonymous surfing tool, you can get an American IP address and access your Hulu account from anywhere in the world. Because Hulu’s only way to tell where you are is by your IP address, once this IP change is made, you will be able to stream Hulu in The UK.

Also, if you sign in to a server in The UK, you can get a British IP. Why would you want to do that? That means if you leave The UK and want to access your BBC iPlayer account, you can sign into a British server location, get a British IP, and watch iPlayer as if you were back in The UK!